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COVID-19 update Thu 29th Jul: We are open for orders - Contact-free by design - New ozone cleaning tech ensures high-grade disinfection of textiles

How It Works

1. Drop Off

  • We serve apartment buildings, offices and gyms, either through our secure lockers or a concierge
  • Leave your clothes in a bag marked with your name

2. Order

  • Place your order in seconds, online or via SMS
  • We’ll collect your clothes and clean them in our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility

3. Pick Up

  • We’ll deliver your clothes and let you know they’re back
  • No waiting for a delivery driver to turn up – our service fits around your life!


How long will my order take?

We will deliver a standard order 3 days after the day it’s placed (excluding Sundays). For example, an order placed on Monday will be delivered on Thursday. An order placed on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

You can also choose Next-Day service (+£9.95) - if you place a Next-Day order before 9am, we’ll return it by 5pm the following day (again, excluding Sundays).

For more details, see our turnaround times table.

Please note that some services can take a little longer. For example, some alterations, repairs, shoe repairs and specialist cleaning processes may take a few extra days.

How do the lockers work?

When you have an order for collection, drop off your clothes in the locker, lock it, and take the key.

You can place an order online, selecting your locker number from the drop down list, or by SMS - simply send a text to 60777 reading LAUNDRY XXX (where XXX is your locker number)

You’ll need a £1 coin to secure a locker (you’ll get it back when you pick up your completed order).

How much will my order cost?

You can find our full list of prices here. Once we’ve collected your order our team will check your clothes and send you a full breakdown of the cost so there are no surprises. If you have any questions on pricing, please give us a call on 020 7193 3130 or email Please also be aware that our minimum order is £20 - you can place an order containing less than £20, and it will be rounded up to the £20 minimum.

How do you take payment?

All payments are made online, through our secure payment handlers.

When you sign up, you can register an auto-payment method using a payment card. Once we’ve processed your order and sent you a confirmation of the pricing, your payment will then be processed automatically.

If you haven’t set up a payment method, we’ll send you a payment request e-mail alongside your order summary. Simply follow the link in the e-mail to make your online payment for the order

How will you know how to clean my clothes?

Our highly trained processing team carefully sort through all of your clothes, checking the manufacturer’s care labels to ensure your items are cleaned in the safest and most suitable way.

If we need to check anything with you, or if there might be any risk to your clothing, we’ll contact you to discuss this before proceeding.

How do I order via SMS?

Once you've set up your LaundryRepublic account, you can place orders via SMS. Simply send a text to 60777 with the message LAUNDRY. 

If you're using one of our lockers, simply add the locker number after (e.g. LAUNDRY 247, if you put your clothes in locker 247). 

And you can upgrade to next day service (surcharge applies) by adding ND at the end (e.g. LAUNDRY ND).

How do you tag my clothes?

We tag your clothes using very small (1cm x 2cm) 2D barcode tags. They are attached to your clothes using heat-seal technology in a discreet location that’s invisible when you wear them. They remain attached to your garments between orders, so there’s no hassle and time spent removing annoying safety pins when you get your clothes back. And because there are no pin holes, they’re better for your clothes.

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